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To ensure that everyone has the best experience at The Space, passes are subject to the following terms and conditions of sale.

Pass Sale

Passes are sold for The Space Event and Sports L.L.C via Zbooni Service.

The purchase of a ticket entitles the bearer to access to The Space’s exhibitions for a limited-time visit or named event indicated in the purchase of the pass, at the time and date stated on the website. 

When you purchase (a) pass(s) through The Space website your contact and pass details will be held by The Space to administer the pass booking system. The information is held for administrative and statistical purposes and may be used to send you future marketing information about The Space and its events and any special offers related to your past booking history. You will always be given the opportunity to opt out of any such further marketing communications. We do not sell the personal data we collect

Payment details will be handled by Zbooni Service. 

When you book pass online you must ensure the details you enter are both correct and accurate.

If you are making a booking on behalf of a party/group, you are responsible for all payments due from the party/group and must ensure the party/group is made aware of these terms and conditions of sale and admission. The Space reserves the right to place restrictions on the volume of any passes ordered. 

The Space will not offer a refund or refund to credit if you do not use your pass.

Prices, concessions, discounts and fees:

The Space operates a flat price pass system. The Space reserves the right to introduce discounts and price changes at any time without offering refunds.

The Space will issue guidance on the age appropriateness of our exhibitions and events and advise bookers to heed these when arranging their visit.  

Visitor access, comfort and security

The Space is committed to providing access to everyone who purchased the pass and is happy to make reasonable adjustments to ensure you enjoy your visit. If you have any specific concerns regarding The Spaces ability to accommodate you please talk to our Guest Relations staff prior to your visit. 

All visitors must have a valid pass for the visit or event unless specific alternative arrangements have been made.

We will endeavor to admit latecomers if possible but please be aware that at busy times and for some events this may not be possible. Latecomers will not be eligible for full or part refunds. Please note that due to the nature of the experience we urge visitors to arrive on time. 

The Space reserves the right:

  • to refuse admission or remove you from the venue without a refund in circumstances such as the refusal of security checks or if the staff consider your behavior may affect other people’s enjoyment or the running of the event
  • to provide alternative tickets to those designated, should the staging of the event require this change
  • to refuse admission to those carrying prohibited items, e.g: glass bottles, items that could be used as a weapon, recording equipment
  • to make alterations to the advertised open day, program or casting in reasonable circumstances without any obligation to refund monies or exchange tickets
  • to cancel or abandon any open day without notice and without liability for compensation or damage other than up to a full refund of the ticket price paid.

The Space is required to refuse admittance to any person in a state of intoxication or whose conduct is deemed to be conducive to any breach of the peace.

Recording, photography, or copying with professional recording equipment is prohibited. An application can be made for specific, limited, personal, educational or press purposes by contacting the Marketing Department at [email protected]

Smoking is not permitted anywhere within The Space including the external garden.

Food and drink may not be taken into any of the spaces unless they are purchased or served by The Space and consumed in designated spaces.

Strobe lighting, smoke effects and raised sound levels are sometimes used in exhibitions, if you have any particular concerns please talk to the Guest Relations staff.

The Space aims to provide a safe, welcoming environment for all of our visitors. We recommend you keep all personal belongings with you at all times. In the absence of any negligence or breach of duty by The Space or its staff, you will be responsible for any loss, theft or damage to your belongings.

Visitor data

We do not sell the personal data we collect. In accordance with current data protection law, we do not share the personal data that we collect unless you have given express permission for us to do so. 

The Space will film/record activities and events in the The Space for security, broadcast or promotional reasons, without payment. 

Visitor feedback and complaints relating to passes sale

The Space is committed to providing a high quality of service, facilities and programs. If you have any comments following your visit, please talk to a member of staff who will be happy to take down the details and/or discuss them with you.

Kids tennis terms & conditions

1. A student’s enrollment will be confirmed for a spot in group lessons once 100% term payment is made before term starts.
2. Group lessons have to be attended according to all our set term dates.
3. Students enrolling after the term starts will be charged only for the number of lessons remaining in the term, starting from their 1st lesson attended, same as our per session rates.
4. There will be no adjustments for lessons missed in between. (exception made if a medical certificate is provided). There will be no re-scheduling or replacement dates for group lessons missed unless the lesson is canceled by The Space Sports.
5. Should students arrive late, past the class start time, The Space Sports is not obliged to extend the duration of the lesson beyond the training set timings.
6. In the event of unexpected and unforeseen circumstances where the regular coach is unavailable, students may be occasionally placed with a different coach. However, we will take great care to avoid this, where possible.
7. No refunds for unused or unfinished lessons will be entertained.
8. The Space Sports reserves the right to exercise discretion to make up lessons for students missing 3 or more lessons in term A. The 1st option for a group make-up sessions (for missed lessons with VALID MEDICAL REASONS) is to offer alternate days/times which must be attended within the term. Failing which, private lessons will be offered within the same season, subject to the coach’s schedule and availability, according to the following:
3 missed lessons = 1 Private 45mins
4 missed lessons = 1 Private 60mins
5 missed lessons = 1 Private 60 mins
6 missed lessons = 2 Private 45 mins
7 missed lessons = 2 Private 45 mins
8 missed lessons = 2 Private 60 mins
9 missed lessons = 3 Private 45 mins
10 or more missed lessons = 4 private 45mins


– The Space Sports hold no responsibility for accidents, past or present injuries and illnesses or disabilities sustained during lessons or being present at our facility.
– Our students are advised to wear appropriate footwear and clothing during their lessons for proper support for tennis movements and general safety
– Filming and photography will take place during lessons and events at The Space Sports venues. By joining, you are consenting to the recording of your likeness and/or voice and you permit The Space Sports (and partners), to use these images/footage, rights- free, for the purposes of marketing, unless you inform us of your objection in advance by email to: [email protected]

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Leave us an e-mail for a chance to win an invitation to EXPERIENCE THE SPACE
Leave us an e-mail for a chance to win an invitation to EXPERIENCE THE SPACE